NoClassDefFound in Java / Eclipse: How do I make a clean and easy reference to another project?

I have been searching for this problem all over, and a lot of ppl has the same problem. However, I cannot find any good explaination or how to actually solve this issue.

The problem is that then I add a Project Refernce in my project, it will not give me any compile-time errors. However, when I use the referenced project in my main project, I get the java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError.

To me, this is very very insane. If I add a Project Reference, I expect that project to be available during runtime. It is not, apparently.

I add it by RIGHT-CLICK on the Project --> Properties --> Projects --> and then add my project that is in the workspace.

And no, I dont really want to export my referenced project to a JAR and import that file, since that mean I have to import it every time I change the referenced project.

It should be so easy - like in Visual Studio - to add the project and then be done with it.

What am I missing?


It seems I found the problem.

The "MiscLibrary", the project I am referencing from my MainProject, has another external JAR referenced. If that wasnt also imported in the MainProject, I get those weird errors.

Its very bad that 1) I can compile it without any errors or warning! 2) In runtime, the error messages give no indication what so ever that I am missing a reference to another library. Instead, it says it cannot find MiscLibrary, when in fact the problem is the missing external lib in MiscLibrary...

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