Using a String in run configurations as an argument and using it in an if-statement

The code below works as long as the argument in the run configuration equals "-output". But when the arguments are empty the compiler throws and ArrayOutOfBoundsException.

The point of this piece of code would eventually be to; - Perform an action when -output is written in the run configurations arguments - Perform something else if the arguments are empty or different from -output

I found many problems that looked like this one. But I've been working on a solutions for far to long, so I started a new post. Help is very much appreciated.

public static void main(String[] args) {
        Version_5 v5 = new Version_5("Test");
                System.out.println("It works");


You need to check if you have arguments first, that's all.

if ((args.length > 0) && (args[0].equals("-output")) {

You might also consider using an argument-parsing library, of which there are several.

What are the extra brackets for?

As you can see String args[] is an array with a specific size. If you don't pass an argument the size is zero. Before you check what is at args[0] check if args has a size with args.length.

if (args.length>0){
   //do something
else if (args[0].equals("-output")){
   System.out.println("It works");

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