jQuery include variable as class name

Running into some weird issue, can't quite figure out what's wrong. No errors popping up on my console.

I'm trying to filter my selector with a variable as it's class. See jsFiddle and below




$('.titles li').click(function() {

    var selected = $(this).attr('class').replace(' selected', ''),
            next = $('.lyrics article').hasClass(selected);

    $('#w').html(selected); //for testing, shows what the value is
    $('#x').html(next); //ditto

    $('.shown').fadeOut(400, function() {


Pretty sure this:

next = $('.lyrics article').hasClass(selected);

...should be this:

next = $('.lyrics article.' + selected);

...since .hasClass() returns a boolean.

Or you could do this instead (gives the same result):

next = $('.lyrics article').filter('.' + selected);


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