How to disable MouseWheel if mouse is not over VirtualTreeView (TVirtualStringTree)

TVirtualStringTree behaves by default if it is focused - it will scroll on mouse wheel even if mouse is not over control (except if it is over another TVirtualStringTree).

Is there a quick and elegant way to disable this behaviour?

I already did this with OnMouseWheel event and checking with PtInRect if Mouse.CursorPos if it is over a control but I have a feeling that there is a better way to do the same because this way I'd have to define a new event for each TreeView I add and also handle when to focus/unfocus the control so I hope there must be a better way to disable this.

So to be clear, I want mousewheel function to work as usual, but only when mouse is over VirtualTreeView.


Drop down a TApplicationEvents control to the form

in TApplicationEvents onMessage

 procedure TForm5.ApplicationEvents1Message(var Msg: tagMSG; var Handled: Boolean);
  pnt: TPoint;
  ctrl: TWinControl;
  if Msg.message = WM_MOUSEWHEEL then
    if not GetCursorPos(pnt) then Exit;
    ctrl := FindVCLWindow(pnt);
    if Assigned(ctrl) then
      Msg.hwnd := ctrl.Handle;

Or you might try to modify the VirtualTree a bit. In the following example is used the interposed class. If you paste this code into your unit, then all of your VirtualTrees will behave this way in the form.


  TVirtualStringTree = class(VirtualTrees.TVirtualStringTree)
    FMouseInside: Boolean;
    procedure CMMouseEnter(var Message: TMessage); message CM_MOUSEENTER;
    procedure CMMouseLeave(var Message: TMessage); message CM_MOUSELEAVE;
    procedure CMMouseWheel(var Message: TCMMouseWheel); message CM_MOUSEWHEEL;


procedure TVirtualStringTree.CMMouseEnter(var Message: TMessage);
  // SetFocus will set the focus to the tree which is entered by mouse
  // but it's probably what you don't want to, if so, just remove the
  // following line. If you want to scroll the tree under mouse without
  // stealing the focus from the previous control then this is not the
  // right way - the tree must either be focused or you can steal it by
  // the SetFocus. This only resolves the case when you have a focused
  // tree and leave it with the mouse, then no scrolling is performed,
  // if you enter it, you can scroll again.
  // set the flag which tells about mouse inside
  FMouseInside := True;

procedure TVirtualStringTree.CMMouseLeave(var Message: TMessage);
  // reset the flag about mouse inside
  FMouseInside := False;

procedure TVirtualStringTree.CMMouseWheel(var Message: TCMMouseWheel);
  // if mouse is inside then let's wheel the mouse otherwise nothing
  if FMouseInside then

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