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How can I get this to work? Thanks in advance!!! I think the first echo should work but it doesn't...it prints out the URL in text instead of showing the image...

      if (is_tree(18)) {
         echo '<img src="' . bloginfo('template_directory') . '/img/icon-trans.png" />';
      } else if (is_tree(20)) {
          echo "<img src='/~cecmsite/wp-content/themes/commonwealth/img/iconIndustrial-trans.png' />";
      } else if (is_tree(22)) {
          echo "<img src='/~cecmsite/wp-content/themes/commonwealth/img/iconInstitutional-trans.png' />";
      } else if (is_tree(24)) {
          echo "<img src='/~cecmsite/wp-content/themes/commonwealth/img/iconComm-trans.png' />";
      } else if (is_tree(27)) {
          echo "<img src='/~cecmsite/wp-content/themes/commonwealth/img/iconService-trans.png' />";
      } else if (is_tree(39)) {
          echo "<img src='/~cecmsite/wp-content/themes/commonwealth/img/iconTraffic-trans.png' />";
      } else {
      echo "";


Instead of using bloginfo('template_directory') use get_bloginfo('template_directory')

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