Links don't work in Firefox

I have no idea what is wrong. No links (Navigation or image links) work in Firefox but work perfect in IE and Chrome

Please help me out



Check element img#rightAligned, it over all your menu links. try #layout_style_links {z-index:9999999;} or bigger then current your img#rightAligned z-index

You have a td with absolute positioning (!?) that seems to cover the entire page. Don't use absolute positioning on a td element, that's just wrong.

Or even better, don't use tables for layout at all. This isn't the 90s anymore.

I don't have Firefox on my laptop unfortunately, but this problem is often due to another element sitting on top of the links. Usually this is caused by a layout element such as a table or div.

Do you have Firebug or similar installed? There are a few developer tools out there that give you a coloured outline of your elements as you select them. It might help you to identify if you have an element sitting on top the links.

This activated the links for me in FF:

td.imageholder {
    position: absolute;
    visibility: hidden;
    z-index: 9999999;

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