How to do pull request on github?

I am new to git and github.

Suppose I have a public github repository, and I want to give my boss information regarding github pull request so that he can run the same project on his local pc and also do a code review. Please let me know what I need to do? Is there some setup I need to do on my github public repo or run some commands? I am able to succeffuly create a public repo and I am able to get a zip file of the whole project and able to test it locally. But need to do this with pull request as it is required by my boss.


GitHub pull requests can only be sent if you have forked the original repository into your own account.

The most common workflow appears to be:

  1. Create a new branch for the modifications. (For example, featureX...)

  2. Do your changes, push them into the new branch.

  3. Go to your fork's page in GitHub, switch to the new branch, click on "Pull request".

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