learn C or C++ - best methods?

I want to learn computer vision using specifically C or C++. I am a pretty strong coder, but I'm used to high level languages like python, etc.

To this end, I need to first learn the language. I don't want to jump right into image processing with a language I don't understand. I also learn best with practical examples.

  1. what resources can you recommend? good tutorials or practice projects?
  2. Best IDE on mac os x for this? I'm thinking Eclipse.
  3. focus on C or C++?

Thanks for your advice


The best way in my opinion to learn a language is to try and answer other peoples questions about it like here or on comp.lang.c, comp.lang.c++

The reason being - even if you are correct - someone with more experience may suggest an alternative you never knew about.

Oh and if you are wrong - there shall be no mercy from those that know more ;-)

Also when people ask questions it forces you to learn parts of the language you may never visit because you had no need to.

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