Benefit to maintaining development logs?

I have a development log for one of my projects that is now a text file in excess of 5GB in size. As this contains the logs from every query I've run for many months I feel the desire to delete/reduce it down a bit by eliminating some of the queries I did way back.

Are there any considerations / drawbacks in deleting old development logs? What do you do to deal with logs when they get big?


I clear them from time to time, usually if the app have no errors and bugs for a month for ex, I truncate development logs cause I really don't see what's the point of them. When I make modifications I again keep the logs for a certain amount of time to see if any errors will pop up, if not, I delete them as well. 5GB of logs is way too much I think.

Here is a topic about how to set up log rotation:

how to delete rails log file after certain size

hope this will help you.

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