How to perform action when a click happens outside of specified elements

I am trying to set up a system so that when a user clicks, if that click did not originate from within a specified div then a function should be fired that will do something with that div. Basically more when a user clicks outside of a div i want to hide it, but the problem is that i have a few elements that i want to do this with, so event.stopPropagation doesn't work very well.

document.onclick = function (e) {
e = !e ? window.event.srcElement :;

if ($('#toppanel div#panel').not(':visible')) { $('.dashboardNav .addWidget').click(); }
if ($('#TrackRibbon').not(':visible')) { $('.dashboardNav #openRibbon').click(); }
if ($('.subnav').not(':visible')) { $('.subnav').hide(); }

but this doesn't work as i want either yet, it does somewhat, but i have multiple .subnav on the page and with this you can open all of them without the others closing.

any ideas on how to accomplish a goal like this would be greatly appreciated, also if i didnt explain well enough just let me know.


Would something like this work?

$(document).bind('click', function(e) {
  if($('dontTriggerThisFunction')) { return; }


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