Script to rename files with the name of the folder?

I want to recursively rename files by prepending the folder name in front of it. Ex: c:\test\foo\a.txt would become c:\test\foo\foo-a.txt.


The following Perl script may work for you:

#!/usr/bin/env perl

use strict;
use warnings;

use File::Basename;
use File::Find;
use File::Spec;

sub rename {
    my ($dir_name) = ( File::Spec->splitdir($File::Find::dir) )[-1];
    my $file_name = basename $_;
    if ( -f $_ ) {
        $file_name = "$dir_name-$file_name";
        rename $_, File::Spec->catdir( $File::Find::dir, $file_name );

find { 'wanted' => \&rename, 'no_chdir' => 1 }, 'C:/test/foo';

use File::Find::Rule qw( );
use Path::Class      qw( dir file );

my $base = dir('.')->absolute;
for my $qfn (File::Find::Rule->file->in($base)) {
   my $file = file($qfn);
   my $dir  = $file->dir;

   my $src = $file;
   my $dst = $dir->file($dir->basename . '-' . $file->basename);

   if (-e $dst) {
      warn("Can't rename $src to $dst: Already exists\n");
   elsif (!rename($src, $dst)) {
      warn("Can't rename $src to $dst: $!\n");

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