LLVM compiler settings, clarification needed

Are compiler settings set per project or once and for all?

For example, can one declare:

For all projects i create from this day forth, until told otherwise, treat all warnings as errors


If you're using Xcode*, just use shared/global xcconfig files. Definitions at the project and target levels have precedence if defined, so you can make exceptions and/or combine them in many ways.

Xcconfig Crash Course:

This Q+A will explain the configuration.

Then you just fill the xcconfig file with the build settings you want, like so:

ARCHS = x86_64
SDKROOT = macosx10.7
VALID_ARCHS = i386 ppc ppc64 ppc7400 ppc970 x86_64

Other notes:

  • You can #include xcconfig files in xcconfig files (with some restrictions)
  • You can drag+drop build settings from Xcode's build settings view to a text file.

So, if all you want is "Treat warnings as errors", your xcconfig would have this:


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