Bash File Backup via SSH

I am trying to make a bash script that will transfer a file from my machine to a server maintained by my school that is used to back up code. It is a hassle to transfer the file manually every single time that I want to make the transfer.

Some applications, like TextWrangler, have the ability to save to server. However, I would rather be able to do it quickly from terminal.

Where would I go from here? Would I need to somehow pass in the file I'd like to send as a parameter? Is there a way to make sure that it goes to the correct directory?

# This should log me into orca
sftp username@place
expect "username@place password: "
sleep 1
send "mypassword"


Why not use "scp" secure copy instead of sftp.

You don't need "expect" to run this, and, if you configure the remote/local certificates properly you will not need to mess with passwords.

See some examples of how simple it can be. And the full how to docs.

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