Powershell replace email suffix

I'm trying to write a small script that prompts users for their email address. The value of this email gets passed to a function which will replace their email suffix such as .net, .com, .edu to .org. I have the following code, but it's not replacing the suffix. Any help in this matter would be appreciated. Thank you.

$mail = Read-Host "Please enter your email address"

Function Email ($change)
    $modified=$change.Replace(".{3}[A-Za-z]", ".org")

Email $mail


You are using String.Replace which doesn't work with regex.

Also, your regex doesn't do what you want it to do.

. is a special character in regex and you want to escape it. Also the {3} should be after the character class.

Try the below:

Function Email ($change)
    $modified=$change -replace "\.[a-zA-Z]{3}$", ".org"

The $ indicates end of string.

PS: If you are not validating input ( through regex match, you can as well use substring to replace to org)

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