Reading a whole line from file in c++

I am working on a program in c++ and I need to read an entire string of text from a file. The file contains an address on one of the lines like this "123 Easy Ave" this has to be pulled into one string or char. Here is the code I have:

The data file:

Matt Harrold
307C Meshel Hall
1000 .01 4

The data is made up of a first and last name which become CustomerName, the next line is the address which is to populate Address, Then three numbers: principle, InterestRate, Years.

The code:

float InterestRate = 0;
int Years = 0;
char Junk [20];
int FutureValue;
float OnePlusInterestRate;
int YearNumber;
int count = 0;
char CustomerName;
string Address;
int * YearsPointer;

       CustomerFile >> CustomerName
                >> Address
                >> Principle
                >> InterestRate
                >> Years;

Right now it only pulls in "103C" and stops at the space... Help is greatly appreciated!


Edit: In response to feedback on my question, I have edited it to use the more appropriate std::getline instead of std::istream::getline. Both of these would suffice, but std::getline is better suited for std::strings and you don't have to worry about specifying the string size.

Use std::getline() from <string>.

There is a good reference and example here:

You'll also need to be careful combining the extraction (>>) operator and getline. The top answer to this question (cin>> not work with getline()) explains briefly why they shouldn't be used together. In short, a call to cin >> (or whatever input stream you are using) leaves a newline in the stream, which is then picked up by getline, giving you an empty string. If you really want to use them together, you have to call std::istream::ignore in between the two calls.

use std::getline from the <string> header.

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