Real time update for fans page

Is that possible to get realtime update for specific fan page?

I can get from user as long as it is allowed my apps. But how about fans?

Can send me some related documentation. If cannot, any optional I can use?


You need to create a Page and an App. Then the Page adds that App as a tab. Then you subscribe to Realtime-Updates for pages (instead of user) to get them.

To create an App: see FB documentation

To create a page:

To add an App as a tab to a Page:

To subscribe to an RTU for a page:


Then FB will call your URL_CALLBACK anytime some page (that added you as a tab) has a change on one of the requested fields.

PS: I'm trying to subscribe to RTU for feed changes in the page, however according to the documentation is only possible to subscribe to picture :( If someone founds how to solve that, please let me know.



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