How do I save additional content into my UIManagedDocument file packages?

I'm having a lot of trouble deciphering Apple's documentation around UIManagedDocument, specifically the following methods:

  • - (id)additionalContentForURL:(NSURL *)absoluteURL error:(NSError **)error
  • - (BOOL)readAdditionalContentFromURL:(NSURL *)absoluteURL error:(NSError **)error
  • - (BOOL)writeAdditionalContent:(id)content toURL:(NSURL *)absoluteURL originalContentsURL:(NSURL *)absoluteOriginalContentsURL error:(NSError **)error

Has anyone successfully managed to save additional content into the "addition content" directory inside their UIManagedDocument packages? I'm looking to save straight images (PNGs, JPEGs, etc) and videos (m4v, etc) into this directory using UUIDs as the filenames (with the correct file extension), and storing references to these individual files as NSString file paths within my persistent store.


Credit goes to Apple DTS for helping me understand this class. I'm sharing some of the example they helped me with here (modified slightly).

OK, so basically it works like this: subclass UIManagedDocument, and implement the following methods (where the extraInfo property is just an NSDictionary implemented on our subclass):

- (BOOL)readAdditionalContentFromURL:(NSURL *)absoluteURL error:(NSError **)error
   NSURL *myURL = [absoluteURL URLByAppendingPathComponent:@"AdditionalInformation.plist"];
   self.extraInfo = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithContentsOfURL:myURL];
   return YES;

- (id)additionalContentForURL:(NSURL *)absoluteURL error:(NSError **)error
   if (!self.extraInfo) {
       return [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys: @"Picard", @"Captain", [[NSDate date] description], @"RightNow", nil];
   } else {
       NSMutableDictionary *updatedFriendInfo = [self.extraInfo mutableCopy];
       [updatedFriendInfo setObject:[[NSDate date] description] forKey:@"RightNow"];
       [updatedFriendInfo setObject:@"YES" forKey:@"Updated"];

       return updatedFriendInfo;

- (BOOL)writeAdditionalContent:(id)content toURL:(NSURL *)absoluteURL originalContentsURL:(NSURL *)absoluteOriginalContentsURL error:(NSError **)error
   if (content) {
       NSURL *myURL = [absoluteURL URLByAppendingPathComponent:@"AdditionalInformation.plist"];
       [(NSDictionary *)content writeToURL:myURL atomically:NO];

   return YES;

UIManagedDocument will call these methods when it needs to, automatically saving whatever you need to save to the document package inside an AdditionalContent directory.

If you need to force a save, simply call the following on your UIManagedDocument instance:

[self updateChangeCount:UIDocumentChangeDone];

At present, I'm not using this for images and videos — but the example should give you enough to go off.

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