How to login and post to facebook wall in one dialog?

I want to create a dialog that you can type your username and password on the top and follow by a box where you can write things.And on the bottom is the publish button.that means you login and publish at the same time when you click the publish button.

I find many possible solutions but none is the answer I want.Is it possible to do?


Are you trying to push username and password parameter to facebook authorization page? If yes,facebook doesn't allow you to push username and password to the facebook authorization page...Correct me if i'm misunderstanding your situation.....

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How this error can be solved on fusion charts?

javascript jquery fusioncharts

am using fusion charts. and am exporting graphs to server side as pngs. here i have more than 20 graphs. now have to run another file if exporting was completed. it is taking nearly 4 min to complete

How do I use OPENMPI java bindings with eclipse on windows?

java eclipse openmpi

Eclipse has built-in OPENMPI support but that works only for C/C++ projects. Is there any easyway to use OPENMPI Java bindings through Eclipse on Windows ?

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