How to make a branch in SmartGit with beanstalk?

I have SmartGit GUI tool for my beanstalk repos. I want to make a branch of one of my repos. For this i have created a branch using smartGit branch manager, but how i create this to beanstalk. and the other question is "What is track-branch" in SmartGit.



If you are not currently on your created branch, use Branch|Switch to switch to your branch. Perform Remote|Push which will ask you whether to configure tracking, confirm this. After that your branch will be pushed to beanstalk. Finally you should see origin/branch in the branch manager (assuming that your remote beanstalk repository is the origin)

Beanstalk will automatically detect new branches pushed to it once it is established as a remote.

While switched to your new branch, push it to your Beanstalk remote using SmartGit.

You can verify the new branch being successfully pushed by browsing to that repository in Beanstalk and clicking the "Change tree" button:

In this view, any remotes and tags that have been pushed to your Beanstalk remote will be presented.

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