What is the cause for the error message `SSHConnectionAborted` using Net::SSH::Expect?

While connecting to the remote host using the Net::SSH::Expect module, 2 out of 10 times I get the error SSHConnectionAborted.

I an unable to find the reason for this error and its solution. Can anybody please help me in this?

I am using the following Perl code:

my $Ssh = Net::SSH::Expect->new(
    host       =>,
    user       => Administrator,
    password   => Password,
    raw_pty    => 1,
    timeout    => 10,
    log_stdout => 1
eval {$Ssh_Login = $Ssh->login();};


Do not use Net::SSH::Expect, it is just not reliable!

Net::SSH2, Net::OpenSSH (does not work on Cygwin or Windows) or even Net::SSH::Perl are better options.

Update: If all of those fail, Expect may still be a good option.

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