How to convert char to char[40]

Usually I do strcpy but here is looking like I can't copy bigger-sized to lower-sized array. I understand that I need to skip an array element for it, I want to skip first [0] element but how can I do it? I really don't want to write something alike a[39]=b[40]; a[38]=b[39]... etc.


Play safe. Use strncpy instead of strcpy:

std::strncpy(a, b + 1, 40);

It will work even if the last character in b is not '\0', or there is '\0' somewhere at index i.

strncpy is particularly useful if a and b are not to be treated as cstring, rather they're just buffer which might or might not contain '\0'.

In C++, you can also use std::copy as:

#include <algorithm> //include this!

std::copy(b + 1, b + 41, a); //b + 41 = (b + 1) + 40

I usually prefer std::copy, for it is generic and can be used with any iteratable type.

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