How to add load more button for a HTML/CSS page?

I want to make a single page website and it will have huge content. Suppose it has 1000 photos on it. I don't want people to wait 5 minutes to load my page. So I wanna add LOAD MORE button on the page bottom.

How to do that with HTML/CSS/JS?


You could set all the divs' to display:none; at first and then use jQuery to show the first 10 (or however many you wish to show):

    $("div").slice(0, 10).show(); // select the first ten
    $("#load").click(function(e){ // click event for load more
        $("div:hidden").slice(0, 10).show(); // select next 10 hidden divs and show them
        if($("div:hidden").length == 0){ // check if any hidden divs still exist
            alert("No more divs"); // alert if there are none left


This saves you the trouble of including an entire plugin when what you want can be achieved in a few lines of code.

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