Regex for placing double quotes for particular field

I have a string like this:

String a = 'ABC(rfg) OR DEF(3dsgf56737(fg)sdg) OR KLM(dfgrg) AND DEF(ghthd)';

I want to place double quotes for DEF field alone:

String a = 'ABC(rfg) OR DEF("3dsgf56737(fg)sdg") OR KLM(dfgrg) AND DEF("ghthd")';


You can try

String b = a.replaceAll("DEF\\((\\S+)\\)", "DEF(\"$1\")");

What tools are you using to do this? sed? Python? Java?

A regex you could use with (eg) sed is:


The g means match globally, and the bit in the DEF basically searches for matched pairs of parenthesis within the outer one (the (fg) in your example), or other non-parentheses.

Of course you would tailor the regex to your particular situation -- for example, if you only ever expect there to be alphanumerics and parentheses inside the DEF, then instead of [^(] you could use [a-z0-9], etc.

@NullUserException's comment is still pertinent though - you tagged the question java and python but have not specified which tool/language you intend to use?

For example, you could use sed:

echo 'ABC(rgt) ... etc' | sed -r -e 's/DEF\((([^(]*|\([^)]*\))+)\)/DEF("\1")/g'

In any case, whether you use Java or Python, the regex I've given will be much the same.

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