how to draw custom gallery in android

I want to develop an app based on the image in which thumbnails can move from top to bottom and left to right simultaneously.

please refer the image where gray parts are the thumbnails. I want to know from where i can start

Looking for the help


I think that you do not need to handle the scroll of both the views, but just move the items from one view to another. The below snippet moves children from the horizontal scroll view to the vertical scroll view.

int[] xy = new int[2];

// horizontalComponents contains all the children of the 
// horizontal scroll view, this statement reads the location
// of the ith child of the view.

// Check for some limit of the x-coordinate
if (xy[0] < 58) {
    // Linear layout in horizontal scroll view & 
    // vertical scroll view respectively
    vertScroll.scrollTo(0, 0);

I've put this snippet in the onScroll method of a gesture listener of the horizontal scroll view.

I hope it helps..

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