Requests 2.0, empty data in graph after successfully sending requests

I'm seeing some strange behaviour with Requests.

I initiate a requests dialog with:

method: 'apprequests'
to: 'someUid'

(and some data for message, title, data)

The user approves the Request, and I get back a valid response, giving me the request Id, the user Ids it was sent to, and the updatedFrictionless flag. However, when reading the request from the graph later with either:

I get back no data !

The first graph call will give me an empty array (an un-named array not 'data', just simply [ ] ) The second, gives me 'false'

REQUESTID is the request Id I get back from the original call, USERID is the receiving USERID.

The receiving user is me, and I do see the request in my notifications, but using the graph explorer to check my 'apprequests', its empty.

Any ideas? I have Requests 2.0 enabled, and call FB.init with frictionlessRequests: true..


Does it work with your app access token?

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