Store a variable in a txt file or xml file

I do not have access to a database. Is there a way to store a php or javascript in a permanent txt file or xml file?

Any help would be appreciated


Direct answer to the question

To answer your question directly (storing one variable) you would do:

$file_path = '/path/to/your/text.file';
$my_var = 'my value';
file_put_contents($file_path, serialize($my_var));

To retrieve the value you would do something like this:

$my_var = '';
$file_contents = file_get_contents($file_path);
if(!empty($file_contents)) {
    $my_var = unserialize($file_contents);

By using serialize() you allow your code to store an array or stdClass object as well as numbers and strings in $my_var.

SQLite would be better

If the server supports SQLite then I would recommend using it if you need to store more than one variable.

To interact with SQLite I would recommend using PHPs PDO or perhaps Idiorm.

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