I need a WYSIWYG web editor (Web Based)

Read the entire post PLEASE.

I am not looking for a Windows based editor. I am looking for a web based editor that has some of the following. I know of this post, but its not what I want. Please don't mention it.

  1. A lot of mark up capabilities. Exp. Bold, Italics, Indent, Left & right align, etc...
  2. Has Live Preview just by typing, don't want to have to push a button to get it.
  3. Looking for a .NET Editor or cross platform editor.

Point: I must make it clear that I have seen FCK-Editor, FreeTextBox, tinymce, markdown etc...

To Compare: I am looking for something with the capabilities of TinyMCE but has the live preview of MarkDown


This one is pretty great: http://www.fckeditor.net/

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