How can I rearrange the chars in a char*?

I have char* myChar = "HELLO". I would like to switch the places of the E and the O. I tried doing myChar[1] = myChar[4], but that doesn't work. Please help!


First off, that string literal is probably being stored in read-only memory. You can fix that by declaring the string as an array of characters:

char myChar[] = "HELLO";

To swap the characters, you'll have to use a temporary variable:

char c1 = myChar[1];
myChar[1] = myChar[4];
myChar[4] = c1;

You assigned whatever is in myChar[4] into myChar[1]. (that's all you did there) You need to create a temporary variable char temp; and do the following:

Edit: As mentioned by Tim Cooper, char myChar[] = "HELLO"; - // This will remove it's constness.
temp = myChar[1];
myChar[1] = myChar[4];
myChar[4] = temp;

This is a very common 'algorithm' to swap two things.

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