Error when creating animation in XAML

New to XAML... i want to do some simple animations. I was trying to follow MSDN's example code from this link: Click Here

        <Storyboard x:Name="myStoryboard">
          From="1.0" To="0.0" Duration="0:0:5" 
          AutoReverse="True" RepeatBehavior="Forever" />

    <Rectangle Loaded="Start_Animation" x:Name="MyAnimatedRectangle"
     Width="100" Height="100" Fill="Blue" />


I keep getting this error: "All objects added to an IDictionary must have a Key attribute associated with them. Line 11 Position 18"

What does this error mean? How do i fix it?


The StackPanel as every FrameworkElement has a property Recources which is a ResourceDictionary and you can only add elements to there with the x:Key attribute to identify them (basically this a IDictioanry<string, object>). So you need to add a x:Key to your storyboard:

<Storyboard x:Name="myStoryboard" x:Key="myStoryboardKey">

The sample on MSDN is wrong or they meant x:Key="myStoryboard" instead of x:Name="myStoryboard".

Replacing x:Name="myStoryboard" with x:Key="myStoryboard" should be enough to fix this issue.

The reason you need a Key in this case is because the code-behind is using a IDictionary, which requires an unique key for identification.

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