Changing element style on sibling hover with CSS

I have the following structure:

<div id="e1">
  <div id="main">text text text text</div>
  <div id="footer">something</div>

And I want the <h1> to turn blue for example when the footer is hovered. I know I can do it with Javascript but I was wondering If you might know some CSS trick to do it without.



Your h1 comes before #footer, so it's not possible with pure CSS as it doesn't provide a selector to match the preceding sibling element.

It's really easy actually, I've implemented it in this

Just add the element with the hover event first if it is first in the structure, add the + operator and then add the element you want the hover to affect.

Like so


<div class="container"></div>
<h2>Some Title</h2>

.container:hover + h2{
   Do your own magic

#e1:hover {

#main, #footer{

Another option.

I've implemented it in a way, not changing html structure, and pure CSS.

see it in jsfiddle:

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