Cool APIs to help learn C++?

This isnt quite a programming question, but for my CS class next semester, we're learning C++. Now I'm gonna be proactive and learn some over hte break, and I was wondering if there were any cool API's that are in C++ out there that are fun and not crazy hard, that I could tinker with to help solidify what im learning. Any Ideas?

(since this is a really broad question figured these might help narrow it down):

I run OSX and Ubuntu Linux I have a kinect i want to tinker with at some point I'd like to learn how to do network programing I want to learn how to do hacker type things (in a legal way preferably)


I wouldn't recommend any API.

What I would recommend when learning any programming language is writing code. If you don't have any idea of your own, then I highly recommend solving computer science problems.

SPOJ has a database of problems, everything from easy problems to really challenging ones. This will improve not only your programming skills, but you will also learn a lot about data structures and algorithms. A cool thing about it is that you submit your solution and the online judge will let you know if your solution is correct.

UVa Online Judge is another great site.

You could look at the Boost C++ APIs. They have a lot of neat APIs for all sorts of applications. Some of them could qualify as "crazy hard" though.

You might be interested in Qt. It is a nice graphical toolkit library in C++, and it is free software so you can (and should) look into its source code.

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