automated change in panel color based on user rating

I am working on a website in which users can complaint about a problem, and accordingly others suggest, reply etc. What i want is that each user suggestion based on its rating should have different color panel like if rating is 3 then blue , if it is 4 then somewhat darker, and so on..can anyone suggest a way..? considering i am new to html and webdesign.

User ratings

1-3 => BLUE
4-6 => DARK BLUE
7-10 => NAVY BLUE

which language can meet the above requirements.?


I suggest to use CSS for this. Specify a classname for each of those values. E.g.

.rating-1, .rating-2, .rating-3 {
    background: blue;

.rating-4, .rating-5, .rating-6 {
    background: darkblue;

.rating-7, .rating-8, .rating-9, .rating-10 {
    background: navy;

Then let JSP dynamically generate the desired CSS classname on the HTML element of interest. E.g.

<div class="rating-${rating.score}">${rating.score}</div>
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