SQL Server 2008 Express

I am designing a database which would have a table (containing contact details like Contactid name Number and address)

I want to add notes every time when a contact visits my office, with date and time.

So I created another table visit (Visitid, Visit date, Notes, Contactsid)

But I am unable to create a relationship as one contact can have multiple notes.

What I want is?

When I select a contact in the UI then it shows me the visit history and option to enter new visit notes



I don't quite follow - you should be able to definitely establish a foreign key relationship between Visit and Contact like this:

  FOREIGN KEY(ContactID) REFERENCES dbo.Contact(ContactID)

This links each visit to exactly one contact - but each contact can have any number of visits, of course.

To get all visit for a given contact, when you select it in your UI, you'd use something like:

SELECT VisitID, VisitDate, Notes
FROM dbo.Visit
WHERE ContactID = @ContactID

and then you'd have to set the @ContactID parameter to the proper value (the ID of the contact chosen in your UI) before executing this SELECT.

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