Porting a win32 MIDI SysEx application to MacOSX

What is the easiest way to port a win32 MIDI SysEx application (a configuration program), to MacOSX ?

The application itself is written in Qt, but I have no experience in OSX MIDI APIs. Are there good enough drop-in replacements for calls like:

  • midiInOpen
  • midiOutOpen
  • midiOutPrepareHeader
  • midiOutLongMsg

and a couple more? Is there a decent source of information for someone who has never programmed under MacOSX to develop MIDI SysEx applications? CoreAudio?


I found a great little (just one .cpp file + headers) midi library - crossplatform and all :)

It's also a great source to analyse and to learn from.. a little nugget in the whole undocumented field.


What is your development platform? If you're writing a Native Coca Application for the mac, Apple wrote a complete framework to deal with the Midi traffic named CoreMidi. The CoreMidi framework deliver the whole package of midi (include SysEx) and even extend it with network support.

I recommend having a look at Pete Goodliffe blog post of using CoreMidi for iOS devices. Although you're not developing for iOS, there is a lot of CoreMidi related information there.

There is a simple, yet brilliant, application that I use a lot on my studio named: Midi Monitor which is an open source application. I recommend having a look there too.

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