decode url with php

how can I decode following query string with php?


I've already tried urldecode but I get following output

t=±Z+&kÉ¿±?h?d?Ÿ/a?tÅ‹ ?-ùsÕd âsJ-BEÐTú¤.“¯ 5˜dù…Ì"H?dùÃ"hE‹ÁÖ5?¨:%$&charset=ISO-8859-1

I've tried many ways but couldn't decode it

thanks in advance


Use parse_str to "decode" and parse your string, as in the example snippet further down in this post.

Read more about the function in's manual:

$data = "t=%B1Z%2B%26k%C9%BF%B1%3Fh%3Fd%3F%9F%2Fa%90%3Ft%C5%8B%A0%3F-%F9s%D5d+%E2sJ-B%9DE%D0T%FA%A4.%93%AF%A05%98d%F9%85%CC%22H%3Fd%F9%9D%C3%22hE%8B%C1%D65%3F%A8%3A%25%24&charset=ISO-8859-1";

parse_str ($data, $out);
print_r   ($out);

    [t] => ±Z+&kÉ¿±?h?d?/a?tÅ ?-ùsÕd âsJ-BEÐTú¤.¯ 5dùÌ\"H?dùÃ\"hEÁÖ5?¨:%$
    [charset] => ISO-8859-1

Read about urlencode and urldecode here

$output = urldecode($encoded);

Use urldecode!

$decoded = urldecode(substr($queryString,3));

maybe this one might help:

$variable = '';
$variable = preg_replace("/%u([0-9a-f]{3,4})/i","&#x\\1;",urldecode($variable)); 
$variable = html_entity_decode($variable,null,'UTF-8');
echo $variable;

output will be :

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