Does IE modify the colors of my images?

I am very disappointed that my 3 hour template design is not cross-browser compatible. Why is this? well, because my header background color is not displaying correctly in IE:

I thought at first that the problem was created by a bad read of padding/margin or other metrics of Internet Explorer (but it was not, I checked and the metrics are perfectly fine)

The only problem is that IE somehow modifies the color of my header's background.

Note: This problem ONLY happens on Internet Explorer (I have tested on Chrome, FF, Opera and Safari)

Here is a screenshot:

I am not sure why, but here is the CSS:

background:#5BA2D9 url('./images/header_bg.png') repeat-x left bottom;

My question: does IE modifies the color of my images? Why? How can I avoid this?


I believe this is a result of color correction information in the PNG files. Optimizing the PNG files should fix it.

See here for more info.

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