Open the href mailto link in new tab / window

I have an image which when click, I want to link to a mailto:

 <a id="mailto" href="" target="_newtab" >
        <img src="@Url.Content("~/Content/HomePage/email.png")" alt="email" /></a>

However, currently once its clicked, it will launch the email option to choose a mailto application, and once i choose, the mailto link is open in the current tab. This will cause user to leave the application.

So, I want the page to sent email (by gmail, yahoo, etc ) is either open in new tab or in a window. Any idea how to do this? I tried both target="_newtab" and target="_blank" but both didn't work.

Any help will be much appreciated.. Thanks...

(jQuery method is also acceptable if there is no other way, thanks)


mailto calls the users default email client. It does not open a window or tab in any instance. If you want to use a window or tab you need to configure a form and allow the form to open in your window/tab. Of course, you'll have to configure the form to send mail with whatever method is available on your server.

this information is outdated, now it is possible to do so i believe, since gmail and others now work via browser links. there is however the problem that you would only want it to open in a new tab if NOT opening in a system mail client, and open in a new tab if it is a webmail client, otherwise for example Outlook users see a blank tab appear, which is disorienting, espeically since they are Outlook users.

You don't need Javascript/Jquery for this. A standard link works (except Firefox v30+ due to a bug, see below).

<a href="" target="_blank">

As of Firefox 30, does not work in Firefox due to a bug. It opens in the same tab AND replaces history so hitting back will not bring you back to the page where the mailto: link was.

This answer is based on this answer Open the href mailto link in new tab / window .

Right now, new browsers support fewsome web mail interface (Like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AoL, etc.).

So we can simply open a new window (Support older browser, new browsers just will open a new tab) and add a fallback (In case of non-javascript user) using preventDefault and default link redirection.

Like so:

<a onClick="'', 'mail');event.preventDefault()" href="">Send a e-mail</a>

Credit to

Guess that's all.

Greetings, Marcos.

There is a cheap html-hack to this problem.....

The link on one page...

<a href="/mailto.html" target="_blank">Mail</a>

On mailto.html....

<meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0;">

If nothing pops up click.....<a href="">Mail!</a>

_blank opens a new tab/window and the metatag does the rest. link as fallback offcourse.

Have you tried 'middle-click' ( "Open in new tab" ) ? It works for me


althought it seems particulary strange to ask user to Middle click

Anyway I've found a pseudo solution that seems to work in FF 25/ Chrome 35

1.- Set up your link something like this: ( substitute [ and ] by < and > )

[a href="javascript:void()"
data-mail=""] [/a]

2.- Using javascript ( with jquery in the example) setup an onlclick event like:

    $('.mailToLink').on('click', function(){

This opens a blank new window/tab and later changes its location, so the mail protocol handler is unable toto act until the new window is already opened

Not tested with Local mail client ( Outlook et al.)

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