How to connect with camera by IP?

I have got a task to make application which can to connect to camera by IP and show video from it. But I'm a new developer and I don't know it is possible or not. Please, give me an advice.


Well, if it's any help, there are TONS of "IP camera"'s around. Generally, its just a matter of some simple HTML/JS code to grab the stream, or they abide by one of the video streaming protocols.

  • RTSP: Similar question here
  • RTP: Use the JMF library.

I can help out a little more if you tell me the IP camera you have in mind, and the protocol you want to stream in, but as long as the camera doesn't use some strange protocol, it should be possible. Hope this helps!

There is a slew of existing Android IP camera apps:

To get you started in the field, review info from the IP camera industry organization

OSS Linux SW for talking to IP cameras.

Kindly review previous SO discussion and this great one with code.

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