Powershell to do Clearcase checkin ,checkout,find command?

How to do check-in /check-out /Find and etc operation in Clearcase UCM using powershell.

Is there any way custom cmd-lets are available for this?


For more advanced functionality and better response times, I'd recommend accessing the CAL API directly via COM. The best documentation for that is available locally in <ClearCase install dir>\bin\cc_cal.chm.

$cc = New-Object -COM ClearCase.Application
$ccItem = $cc.Version("<absolute path to file/dir>")
$coItem = $ccItem.CheckOut($cc.ccReservedState,"",$false,$cc.Latest,$false,$false)
Write-Output $coItem.IsReserved

You can find an example in this IBM bug report, where you would use in your Powershell session the CAL API (ClearCase Automation Library)

PS C:\temp> $ct = new-object -com ClearCase.ClearTool
PS C:\temp> $ct.CmdExec('checkout -nc aFile')

Or, as in this thread, you would use directly cleartool.

In both cases, you will need to make sure the view in which you are doing the checkout/checkin operation as an UCM activity set (cleartool lsact -cact -cview should return an activity name, if done within the view).

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