How to refer from css to plugin resources?

I'm wokring on content access plugin for Google Chrome browser.

Since chrome to access resources require cast urls from local form to extended one. How can I access picutres and images from css file?

It is easy from javascript. You have to call:

var imgURL = chrome.extension.getURL("images/myimage.png");

But how can I refer to images from css? You can't use dirrect link since Chrome required 'id' in front of real path. Here is an example:

  background: url(chrome-extension://joenfdgfhhbclfbleelbagcmppfagfgk/services/iconReader.png) no-repeat 0 0;

Firefox in this particular case is mutch better. You can just have special plugin id and use it in url path:

background: url(resource://miroit/services/iconReader.png) no-repeat 0 0;


  • how can I refer images?
  • can i reach google developers to fix it?



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