How do I get column type from table?

I have this code:

select as tableid, as tableName, as columnName,
    b.status as columnStatus,
    b.type as columnType
    from sysobjects a 
    LEFT JOIN syscolumns b
    ON =
    WHERE = 'table_name'

Now, the columType shows numbers. I want to get the name of the columnType, which resides in column 'name' in table 'systypes'. How do I do that? Simple LEFT JOIN will result in duplicate rows.


I've seen in Sybase 15.0 and this is the code that you have to use:

select [tableid], [tableName], [columnName], c.status [columnStatus] [columnType] from sysobjects o
inner join syscolumns c on =
inner join systypes t on t.usertype = c.usertype
where o.type = 'U' and in (tablename)

select [tableid], [tableName], [columnName], c.status [columnStatus], [columnType] from sysobjects o
inner join syscolumns c on =
inner join systypes t on t.type = c.type
where o.type = 'U' and = 'table_name'
and not in ('sysname', 'nid', 'uid', 'nvarchar', 'tid', 'nchar')

I add the last line from @aF. code. I don't know how to explain this. I got this answer from here:

create function dbo.GetColumnDataTypeName(@TableName TName, @ColumnName TName)
returns sysname
    declare @typeName sysname,
        @tableId int = object_id(@TableName)
    @typeName = type_name(user_type_id)
    from sys.columns sc
    where sc.[object_id] = @tableId
    and sc.Name = @ColumnName

    return @typeName

select as table_name, '' as table_description, as fileld_name,'' as field_description, as format,
    sc.length as data_length,sc.prec as decimal_places,'' as primary_key,
     case when sc.status = 8 then 'Y'
            else 'N'
     end as nulls
    from syscolumns sc
    INNER JOIN sysobjects so ON =
    inner join systypes st on sc.type = st.type
    WHERE in (/*table list*/)
    and not in ('sysname', 'nid', 'uid', 'nvarchar', 'tid', 'nchar','longsysname','usr_char')
    order by   

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