What does this line of assembly do?

I have this line of assembly:

cmpb   $0x0,(%rax,%rcx,1)

Now, according to the references out there, cmpb does an immediate compare of two bytes. So it compares 0 with (%rax,%rcx,1). Can somebody explain what this second argument is / does?



This is the AT&T syntax for

cmp BYTE PTR [rax+rcx*1], 0

So it computes the address using rax + rcx, dereference it to obtain a byte, and then compare it with the number 0.

The general syntax for this type of memory operand is:


which gives you the address:

base + disp + offset*mult

So in your case (disp is 0), cmpb compares 0 and the value stored at:

%rax + (%rcx * 1)

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