Techniques for understanding Android Methods

I have just finished up my first book on Java training and I think I am getting closer to understanding. I am currently looking for some good resources to improve my java understanding. So far I have read through however I am still not clear.

what is the best way to find out all the possible methods that relate to an Android Object. Is there something in eclipse which can make it clear?

Please can you point me in the right direction? and giveing an example that a beginner would understand would be wonderful and much appreciated!


Well, I guess the best way to find any method or class is to look in the Android API which can be found here:

And this is the Java API which works the same way:

You can search for classes and find which methods and properties they have.

You should have direct access to the API from the Eclipse code completion:

I would also reccomend for more tutorials on both Java and Android if you are a beginner. They have some awesome free material:

TheNewBoston also have some nice tutorials on android where you can pick up more although they are not as good as the WiBit ones:

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