If replacement-hotkey was preceded by a j, execute the script

I'm using an AutoHotkey replacement-script to auto-correct my mistakes. However, when I'm gaming, I have to hit 'j' before I can type. I'd it to also work when I type j-hotkey.

So when I type: i'd » I'd, but also when I type ji'd » I'd.

Is there a way I can do this without having to make duplicates for everything?


Do you need to replace the 'j' as well? If so, se Hotstrings:


Otherwise, just use the ? option, which will allow your hotstring to trigger even if it's inside another word:


On the AutoHotkey-forum, I got this answer, which works great:

:* B0 Z:j::

if you want, you can even use it like this to prevent problems when you're not playing:

#IfWinActive Battlefield 3™ ;or whatever game you're playing
    :* B0 Z:j::
#IfWinActive ;end of condition

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