Changing style in default EditText - Android

I am new to Android. How can I get the normal Edit text with the orange border? As the default Edit text I am getting Edit texts with only lines (change to blue when in focus) without any border or background (Text will be displayed above these lines). I tried adding different styles to EditText by defining them in styles.xml. However, I could not get the normal Edit text with orange border. No Theme is defined for the application or the activity. I am testing with an emulator in Platform 4.0.


The orange border is not the "normal Edit text" style, but is a part of a specific theme, which is not present on every device. It was mainly used on old Android versions.

So you should not try to override the default style, it is generally a bad design and can confuse the users.

You can set a custom drawable for the background. For example:


Make sure that drawable is a nine-patch.

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