Remove block with Javascript without “hidden” css styles

I have a problem - I want to DELETE the div's rather than just hide them with css on my web page. I'm newbie in Javascript and I can not say for sure whether this is but I think that should be used function removeChild(). Here's the script:,html/

It works like this:

1) "X" button hide pronto and crossClose divs due to the fact-purpose style of "hidden" these blocks.

2) The script sets a specific value in a cookie if the value matched the block is not shown (with style = "visibility: hidden;").


Yes, you can remove the element together with its subtree with removeChild().

However, for I suggest setting style display: none. It won't display at all (won't occupy the space as visibility:hidden does).

In plain JavaScript use removeChild(): In jQuery you have method remove():

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