How to select rows that start with a digit in Rails?

I have page that shows items in an index.

I'm able to get items by letter using the following:

scope :by_letter, lambda { |letter| where("name LIKE '#{letter}%'") }

But I can't figure out an elegant solution for names that start with a number (0-9).

How could I rewrite this or a separate scope that would let me search for names starting with a digit?

EDIT: I'm trying to get all rows that start with 0-9 in one go (not separately for each number).


this should work

scope :starts_with_number, where("name REGEXP '[0-9]%'")

Jacob, try this slightly rewritten version of what you ended up with:

@letter_merchants = (0..9).map { |d| Merchant.by_letter(d) }

Please note that this should only illustrate how awesome language Ruby is, not how the problem should be solved (there would be too many database calls).

Here's how I ended up doing it:

@letter_merchants = []
(0..9).to_a.each do |digit|
  @letter_merchants |= Merchant.by_letter(digit)

One disadvantage of REGEXP is that it can't use indexes. however

scope :starts_with_number, where("name >= '0' and name < ':')

can use an index on name. It does rely on the characters 0-9: being in precisely that order, with nothing in between which will be the case in anything like ascii, utf8 but not if you used ebcdic or anything crazy like that

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