How To Deploy C#/WPF Application With SQL Server Database

I am trying to deploy an application I have created which uses a SQL Server Database (.edmx file). The database was created uses SQL Server Management Studio. What are the steps I need to take to get this application deployed? It needs to create a blank DB with all of the tables when installed.


I would highly recommend using WIX: This is how to do SQL database stuff with WIX: .

Some other options worth investigating if you don't like Wix are:

Click Once: InstallShield:

I believe Microsoft used Wix for the Office 2010 installer. It seems this is the way microsoft is pushing. Wix is free, opensource and extensible with c#. Installshield would be the runner up to me, its closed source I believe and costs money. It is quite famous and is likely quite feature rich.

Need Your Help web API - no dll is available containing Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation.IServiceLocator dependency-injection

So I want to set up dependency injection for my ASP.NET Web API project. Microsoft appear to have changed the way that DI is set up in MVC since version 3. Now I need to make a call like this:

Changing table name in Zend_db_select

php mysql sql zend-framework

SELECT SUM(Table.ColumnThatChanges) AS 'Count', Table.B as 'Param'

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