What happens when I set the second argument of getFileName() to false?

In the following statement, If the second argument is set to FALSE will the statement return the filename along with its full path?? Or what will it do? thanks.

$filename = $uploader->getFileName(NULL, FALSE);


From the zend documentation 19.1.4:

getFileName() accepts the name of the element as first parameter. If no name is given, all known filenames will be returned in an array. If the file is an multifile, you will also get an array. If there is only a single file a string will be returned.

Per default filenames will be returned with their complete path. If you need only the filename without path, you can set the second parameter $path which will truncate the filepath when set to false.

In simple english; settings the second parameter to false will make getFileName return the filename without it's path.

If it will normally return /internet/stackoverflow/question_8555785.txt it will only return question_8555785.txt when the second parameter to the function is false.

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