What do I need to do to install and run Code Sourcery on an x86 64-bit Windows host system?

I have seen this question asked for a Linux host system but not for Windows.

I have a Windows 7 64-bit host system. I am running into a 32 bit issue I think and I see this vague phrase in the Code Sourcery documentation.

"Therefore, even when running on a 64-bit host system, Sourcery CodeBench requires 32-bit host libraries. Consult your operating system documentation for more information about obtaining these libraries."

I can't find any documentation because I don't know what "these" libraries are.

Thanks, Seth M King


That sentence is really only for Linux users; a lot of Linux distributions don't include the basic system libraries (the equivalent of the stuff in c:\Windows\System) needed to run 32-bit applications.

Windows includes everything that's needed as far as this is concerned.

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